Who might use these materials? You…anyone aiming to improve speaking skills. There is an emphasis on speaking in education settings, so teachers and students will find much to consider, and implement. 
What is on the site? Books, articles, videos, all offering ideas and practical strategies for improving oral skills.  A list of Coaches and additional resources including student organizations, speaking clinics, Toastmasters, etc. Some entries are specific to the University of Virginia, others are broadly applicable.

When is a good time to begin to try these approaches?  Now. The present. Today. Brief daily practice can result in real improvements in confidence and delivery.

Where can the work (or play) of speaking improvement be done? Almost anywhere, any time. Showering, driving, walking the dog, are likely opportunities for vocal exercises. You can practice in or outside classrooms. Alone or with friends.  
Why engage in this effort? Because: it’s easier than you think; it’s within your control; even lifelong fear of public speaking can be overcome; speaking with confidence and clarity is useful in all aspects of life.

How by being self-diagnostic as you comb through these materials, and using the exercises. Find or adapt exercises that address your concerns, what you know about yourself as a speaker. Do something for a short time every day – vocal exercises or actual speech practice – that begins to make speaking an intentional and welcome aspect of your daily life.
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